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The Cabrio Properties is a US national Real estate company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To figure out why customers choose Cabrio Properties and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Traci Lynn
    Posted Sep, 28 2019
    I have lived in my cabrio properties for a year, and signed for another year. Whenever there is an issue, the staff (office and maintenance) are friendly and prompt in dealing with the request. the location is great (a few minutes walk from downtown) and rent is relatively reasonable for the area (and it didn't go up this year!). My complex is pet friendly (I have two cats) and the community is pleasant with kind neighbors who say "hello" when passing by. Thanks Cabrio and the community, for a good experience!
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    K Parks
    Posted Sep, 06 2019
    Cabrio Properties provides low quality housing and charges astronomically high rent. I rented at Huron Flats and would never live there again even if rent was free. They tout a recently remodeled apartment when it was just cheap laminate flooring, with cheap laminate counter tops and carpet that disintegrates with a regular vacuum. Huron Flats is allegedly smoke-free but it smells of weed or tobacco smoke on the regular. One of the tenants even offered to sell me drugs when I was unloading my boxes. Tenants have parties on all days of the week, so good luck studying in your apartment. The flooring and walls are so thin that it sounds like my neighbor is about to crash through the floor when walking at a normal pace.

    Only good feature of Cabrio is their great maintenance team. Very responsive and competent.

    Save your money, go somewhere else in Ann Arbor. Be wary of positive reviews. They emailed tenants to post positive reviews in exchange for $10 credit.
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